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May 1, 2008 NYU Conference



"Retirement Income Redesigned/Master Plans for Distribution/
An Adviser’s Guide for Funding Boomers’ Best Years"

Chapter 11: Withdrawal Strategies-A Cash Flow Solution

by Harold Evensky

Bloomberg Press, New York 2006

H. Evensky Presentation





"Retire Secure! Pay Taxes Later
The Key to Making Your Money Last as Long as You Do"

Chapter 3: Approaching Retirement and During Retirement

by James Lange

John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Newark, New Jersey 2006 

J. Lange Presentation





“Tax-Wise Retirement Distribution Planning
Why Traditional Distribution Theory May Not Always be the Right Approach”

by Robert A. Fishbein

Prudential’s Four Pillars of Retirement Series

IFS-A116868 Ed. 04/06





 “Tax Sensitive Portfolios and Withdrawal Strategies:
A Formula for Retirement Planning Success”

“Making Retirement Assets Last a Lifetime: Parts 1 and 2”

Note: These papers are excerpts from larger white papers prepared for clients.  These white papers were licensed to the clients through an unlimited, nonexclusive, perpetual license agreement.  Mr. Keebler retains full title to, and ownership over, the white papers and all intellectual property contained therein.

by Robert S. Keebler, CPA, MST, DEP

Virchow, Krause & Company, LLP (Appleton, Wisconsin)





“Withdrawal Strategies to Make Your Nest Egg Last Longer”

by William Reichenstein

AAII Journal; November 2006; pages 5-11

W. Reichenstein Presentation





“Optimal Retirement Asset Decumulation Strategies:

The Impact of Housing Wealth”

by Wei Sun, Robert K. Triest, and Anthony Webb

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston; Public Policy Discussion Papers,
January 20, 2007

A. Webb Presentation





Family Wealth and Pension Management LLC

Ian Weinberg - CEO of Family Wealth & Pension Management LLC


I. Weinberg Presentation